Travelling Expo :- COVID-19 Response

We understand that these are very uncertain times, and while you are undoubtedly excited about your next trip, it can be difficult to start planning while the global situation remains unclear. Read on to learn more about how Travelling Expo Team is responding to COVID-19.

Traveling during the pandemic isn’t as straightforward as we were all used to. Travelling Expo team is doing everything we can to help balance your desire to travel with the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. This page describes what measures we’re taking to help you have a rewarding travel experience while ensuring everyone’s safety. 

While you are planning your trip

Up-to-date information

Our destination department have the latest insights as to their destination’s status and regulations related to travel. They can help you navigate the complexities of planning a trip in uncertain circumstances and keep you informed as things change.

Increased flexibility

Even if things look good for your travel dates today, we know the situation may change later. That is why Travelling expo is now offering the option to postpone your trip in the event you are unable to travel. In most cases, postponement can be offered at no additional cost, and you won’t need to pick new dates until you’re ready to travel again. Please check with our Booking Department before you think of postponing the trip .

During your trip


Compulsory COVID-19 Negative test report made between 72 hours between your travel and mandatory to send this report to us than only your host will contact you otherwise no services will be avail to you in that destination from Travelling Expo Team.

Carefully selected hotels, activities, and transportation

Travelling Expo team work exclusively with handpicked hotels and activity and transportation providers. They are collaborating closely with these partners to understand their COVID-19 safety practices and guidelines. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please ask your destination department

Travel Vouchers

No need to carry any travel vouchers now in this situation our team will be sending the vouchers to that respective organization to avail the services for you .

On-the-ground support

During your trip, your host will be there to support you with anything that arises. If any plans need to change, they’ll work with you to develop a solution, ensuring you have peace of mind while you’re abroad.

Medical Travel Insurance

In case you are travelling with no medical Insurance with you than its your problem , we highly recommend you to have travel Insurance in this tough time . ( In Case of Emergency contact on

Travelling Expo Operation

Which destination Travelling Expo operates now

Travelling Expo team operates in very few countries now like Finland ,Switzerland , France, Greece ,Brazil , Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Costa-Rica, Colombia, Peru, United states and Iceland till now.